About Rentals

Simple. Fast. Friendly.

Upstate Rents is the ideal provider for your equipment needs. We provide rentals of small to medium sized equipment to the greater Rochester area. Our mission is to be the simple solution for homeowners to easily get the rentals they need, be confident in its use through our easy hands on training, and simple delivery options. We are a quick stop off 390 or 104 so our clients can easily demo our machines. Stop in and see what will work for you and your project. Each machine comes with its own insurance too!

We also cater to small businesses such as landscapers, remodeling contractors, plumbers, excavating contractors, pool installers, etc. We can help with delivery, insurance, knowledge on machine operation, and flexible rental terms. Upstate Rents is the best solution when you want someone on your team that understands your needs and will exceed your expectations every time.

We are excited to be your rental solution. Contact Peter to start renting!

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