Rent me: RAVO 5iSeries

The amazing Ravo 5 iSeries street sweeper has the highest proven uptime against the lowest lifetime costs in the market! This sweeper is designed to perform. Receive a clean street in one pass, no matter what the conditions are!    Amazing Performance! Maintenance-friendly broom system; no greasing required, extended broom life by 50%. Self-Cleaning hopper thanks […]

“Best Management Practice” in meeting Phase 2 stormwater regulations.

Street sweeping is listed by the Environmental Protection Agency as a “Best Management Practice” in meeting Phase 2 stormwater regulations. It’s about more than just keeping streets looking clean – an entire infrastructure is built around keeping those drains clear. We help eliminate the safety hazards of dangerous debris and pooling water, keep contaminants out […]

Stella dumps 26.5 inches of snow on Rochester

The unrelenting snow that had blanketed the Rochester region since Monday night finally came to a halt Wednesday evening. The National Weather Service reported 26.5 inches had fallen at the Greater Rochester International Airport as of 8 p.m. Here are the latest totals for other locations as reported by the NWS at 10:45 p.m. Wednesday: Monroe County […]

Our Philosophy

Our service philosophy not only shapes our customer relationships, but it also guides our customer service development. We want to work closely with you to ensure we do the best job we can to streamline your operations. Spezio Property Services is a resource on which you can rely. “We know quality people are at the […]

What Makes A Company Great?

What Makes A Company Great?  Evaluating stocks involves two types of analysis: fundamental and technical. The former is all about number crunching while the latter uses up-and-down squiggly lines to chart a stock’s course. In the end, it’s all about being right more often than wrong. Investment professionals are constantly looking for that slight edge […]

Spezio Rents Street Sweeping Machines

Spezio Property Services is proud to have a large fleet of RAVO 5 iSeries, RAVO 5 Series, and Tymco street sweeper rentals to help with all your needs. We can help your municipality or contract sweeping application with the very best in the Sweeping industry. If your needs are daily, weekly or monthly we have an […]