Spezio Property Services has provided asphalt repairs and services for several Aldi locations in the greater Rochester area for many years including lot repairs, sealing and re-striping. The work provided is always quality and completed in a timely fashion. I also appreciate that the work is completed without impacting the daily operations of our business or our customers.

Spencer Scorza, District Manager

To Whom It May Concern,

We have had a Ravo street sweeper in our fleet for over 24 years.

Our findings are that it is a high quality machine that is reliable, very efficient, productive, and gets high marks by our operators.

Our new Ravo (2012) gets high praises from our residents in how quiet it is compared to the old one when we sweep early in the morning.

One power plant, large hopper, reliable, ease of operation, low and easy maintenance, highly maneuverable, operators love it. As a DPW Superintendent I couldn’t ask more from our Ravo street sweeper.

Mike McHenry, Supt.
Village of Hilton
Hilton, New York

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Mike McHenry, Supt.Village of Hilton Hilton, New York

To Whom It May Concern,

Early last year I received approval from the Mayor and Council to purchase a new sweeper and after extensive research we made the decision to purchase the Ravo Sweeper from Northeast Sweepers. Carmine Lo Re and Tyler Slaman were and continue to be attentive to all our questions and needs. We are extremely happy with the Ravo Sweeper in both its reliability and performance. The Ravo has met and continues to meet our expectations. If I was going to purchase another sweeper it would be a Ravo. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Gerard B. Kerr
Director/Superintendent Public Works
Kearny, New Jersey

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Gerard B. KerrDirector/Superintendent Public Works Kearny, New Jersey

Last year we purchased a Ravo sweeper and now have over 500 hrs on this machine and it has had no mechanical problems at a!L. Before buying this machine we tested four other sweepers, Elgin, Johnston, Tymco, and Dulevo. We threw all kinds of debris in front of this machine to test its capabilities. Leaves, crushed concrete and small rocks were picked up with no problem. Basically it picked everything up we put in front of it_ We have 26 miles of roads in our village with small narrow streets which this machine is perfect for because of its tight turning radius. Our previous sweeper could not go down some of these roads because of its height. The service department has been excellent and they have had all parts to the sweeper in stock. We also have the vacuum attachment which works great because now we can super suck all of our smaller catch basins at our leisure because previously we would have to borrow a super sucker from another township_ I would recommend the Ravo Sweeper to any Municipal DPW or Government agency.

Please call me if you have any questions.

Dee Yardley
Superintendent of Public Works
Village of Sag Harbor

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Dee YardleySuperintendent of Public Works Village of Sag Harbor

Dear Sir,

I’ve been anxious to inform you about my experience with the Ravo street sweeper. I understand you represent Ravo in the US.? Im a motor equipment operator for the City of Rye, a suburb of New York City. We received our sweeper this past summer. Your machine never fails to impress the residents of this community and myself with its performance. Not to mention being requested by the fire department and police department for fast cleanup after car accidents. Your machines compact size, low noise, minimal vacuum discharge not to mention comfort for me, makes my job something to look forward to. Even though the American sweepers are huge steel hulls (I’ve operated most of them) that boast the great job they do, the Ravo 5 series fits the bill for us in Rye. ‘Though she be but little, she is fierce!” – Shakespeare. You, and the good people of Alkmaar keep up the good work!

Best regards,
Bill Weeks
City of Rye in New York State

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Bill WeeksCity of Rye in New York State

To Whom It May Concern:

The Ravo is a superb Sweeper. It’s easy to operate and highly reliable. The suction system is powerful, way ahead of its competition. Maneuverability, WOW! It can turn on a dime. Broom visibility is unmatched as well as broom adjustments automatically made from the operator compartment. Brooms can be changed in a few minutes.

One power plant operates all sweeper functions. From a maintenance point of view, it’s a “dream machine”. I wish all equipment was·as well planned as the Ravo!

Jim Liese,
Village of Hilton
Hilton, New York

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Jim LieseVillage of Hilton Hilton, New York